About the DataSafe Project

Welcome to the DataSafe Project Site.  DataSafe is a nine-month project funded by the JISC Digital Preservation Programme.  The central aim of the DataSafe project is to create a training programme at the University of Bristol to increase the data management and preservation knowledge of  support staff who are often producers of critical data to support the general running of the institution, for example finance reports and records, student programme support materials and administrative reports not held in centralised systems.

The training programme will consist of two training modules – an introduction and intermediate course which will cover topics such as file naming conventions, multiple copy model, proprietary vs. open technologies, an awareness of the role of metadata and data migration.  The courses will be produced and piloted with University of Bristol support staff but all training materials and other outputs will be made freely available for use by the wider community at the end of the pilot period.

In addition to the training materials, an interactive decision tree will be made available as a mobile app to clearly illustrate what to do with any given file or data type in order to keep it safe and usable, for example how and where to store personal details.  The decision tree will also point users to specific departments within the University who have responsibility for data types and when they need to be consulted.  The app will be made freely available for other universities to adapt for their own use.