DataSafe Deliverables

The DataSafe Project officially came to an end on 31st July 2012. We would like to thank JISC for funding the project and the steering group at the University of Bristol for their invaluable contributions. We would also like to thank University of Bristol staff who provided feedback through piloting and user testing of the materials.

The following deliverables from the project are available:

Interactive Tutorial

The DataSafe tutorial has been created to increase the data management and preservation knowledge of university support staff, who are often producers of data which is critical to supporting the general running of the institution (for example finance reports and records, student programme support materials and administrative reports) and whose need for data management skills has been comparatively neglected.

The tutorial is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License for re-use/adaption by other institutions. The tutorial has been produced using Wimba Create, an add-in to Microsoft Word. The version used was Campus 2.5.5. Wimba Create is available with a site licence at many academic institutions, but you may need to install Wimba Create on your own PC. If you do not have access to Wimba Create, it is possible to edit directly the text files which contain the HTML for the slides.

The tutorial was developed at the University of Bristol and therefore contains some information specific to that institution. Some adaptation of the text to refer to your own local services and procedures, and to give it a local ‘look and feel’ will be required. A Customisation Guide is available as part of the zipped download file.


Android App

The mobile app is aimed at university support staff, providing advice and guidance on the best ways to manage their data, including information about:

  • The best file formats for saving your data
  • Data retention periods
  • Data security classification
  • University of Bristol Data Protection Officers

The DataSafe app source files can be downloaded for reuse, but are not supported in any way.


  • Installable application – .apk format. Requires permission to install from unknown sources; app currently not available through the Play Store.
  • Source files – .zip format

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