Conclusions of literature review concerning management of non-research data

I have recently reviewed the literature on the management of non-research data, particularly in a university context, as part of DataSafe.  The conclusions are as follows:

Few universities have made available information specifically about the management and preservation of non-research data; Portsmouth University is an exception among British universities in this respect.  However, relevant recent material can be found in tools and guides which are concerned with research data, as many issues are common to both research and non-research data.  Cambridge and Glasgow Universities maintain extensive and up-to-date websites in this area.  In addition, there are guides to looking after non-research data which do not derive specifically from universities (for example those produced by the National Archives), although some of the material in them is not relevant in a university context, and they are mostly a few years old.

Training materials on these sites tend to be in the form of self-study materials such as factsheets.  Some workshop materials are available, but these are aimed at researchers and usually subject-specific.


Virginia Knight

ILRT/R&D Bristol University

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