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JISC 12/11 Digital Preservation Programme meeting

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Members of the team recently attended the first meeting for the JISC  12/11 Digital Preservation Programme, hosted at the LSE and run by the SPRUCE Project.  SPRUCE (Sustainable PReservation Using Community Engagement) is a JISC funded partnership between; University of Leeds , British Library, Digital Preservation Coalition London School of Economics, and Open Planets Foundation.  The project has been set up to provide support and guidance for digital preservation projects by fostering a self-supporting community of digital preservation practitioners via a mixture of online interaction and face-to-face events.  The first SPRUCE event will be held in Glasgow in 23-25 April 2012. Details will be made available shortly on the SPRUCE website

The programme meeting also brought together the other nine projects funded under the 12/11 Digital Preservation Strand. Each project was asked to produce a 5 minute lightning talk to briefly outline the aims and objectives of the projects.  The DataSafe slides are available below:


View more presentations from dhiom

It was useful to discover some common issues/interests with the other projects focusing on training and dissemination of digital preservation (DICE, PrePARe and SHARD) and we will be keeping in touch with the teams during the duration of the project to share findings and ideas.